You can Give a Child in India a Future

December 3, 2017

The buzz which began last month with the celebration of India’s festival of lights, Diwali, continues on! Everyone everywhere is in the festive mode. In a little over seven weeks from now, every street, every apartment, and community will be buzzing with the sound of children enjoying their year-end break.

Soon after, there will be the beginning of a New Year, many looking ahead to new beginnings with New Year resolutions. For children, it is a lot simpler. They simply look forward to catching up with friends, sharing stories of how they spent their holidays, the clothes they bought, the gifts they received, the places they visited, the festive snacks they binged on, and what not!

But to some children in India, the New Year welcomes them with their worst nightmare becoming a reality. Some of them soon realize that they did not come home for just the year-end break, they came home to the end of their education altogether. Even as many eager young minds return to the classroom, there’s a sad truth still many of them face. Before they reach high school, 60 percent (47 million) drop out of school. Imagine that! What if three out of every five children in your neighborhood never finished school? Life in America would be very different.

The reasons for dropping out of school are many, but rural India, especially, has two predominant reasons that keep their children from going back to school. Parents often choose to keep their daughters home for safety concerns and to help with chores. As for young men, they leave their education only to find a job and help supplement the family’s meager income.

The truth remains, that simple solutions cannot and will not solve the complex issues these young people face. Education alone will not be a comprehensive solution. It takes much more to help these children grow up to become the next generation of godly leaders, which India so desperately lacks today. And, you can help.

With your support and prayers, Love One More takes a multi-faceted approach to enable children to stay in school and prepare them for future leadership. From education to love, from spiritual mentoring to career guidance, L1M’s children’s ministry, currently serving 8,000+ children, has proven effective at giving children a future of which they could only dream.

L1M childcare workers are actively seeking drop-outs in rural villages to re-enroll them. It is imperative that all these children receive every help possible to remain on the path to leadership. So, how can you help? You can give these young people the love and support they desperately need! Through clothes, nutritious meals and schools supplies, you can change the lives of these children forever. Not just theirs, but for their generations to follow!

Give hope to a child today!

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