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What makes Love One More Different

Localized Work

You have the opportunity to reach out to children in need in India, through the hands of our local staff who are committed to restoring a joyful childhood back into the lives of each and every child. Our local staff has an accurate understanding of each child’s story and the resources needed to fulfill the promise of childhood to them.

Partnering with local communities, civil society, governments, along with local and global supporters, our staff ensures that each child under their care experiences the joy of childhood. As an organization, we also strive to make it so that every deserving child in need has the opportunity to be cared for through Love One More. We strive to provide not only redemption for children, but also the opportunity of eternal life by sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Love a child, transform a community

Love One More reaches out to each child regardless of their situation. A child’s development is contingent to his or her community and environment. When we reach out to a child we also provide interventions to their community to ensure a holistic and sustainable well-being of the child. We believe children are our future and giving them the gift of childhood not only transforms their lives, but the community at large.

Every Dollar Counts

Love One More strives to make the most of each $35 that is given out of love. We understand each child’s need to be loved and each donor’s desire to see change in a child’s life. This is what shapes our organization. Each dollar received provides each child in our program with access to education, nutritious meals, healthcare, water and sanitation along with a sustainable livelihood for the family to ensure the sustained well-being of the child.


of children in India face one or more forms of sexual abuse during their childhood


of children in India are moderately or severely underweight


million children ages 6-14 do not go to school in India


million children in India are child laborers

Where We Work

Love knows no distance! Working along side local leaders, Love One More has helped over 25,000 children and families through our 126 daycares, study centers, schools & children homes scattered across India. Our work is made possible because of you!

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