Why Giving Less Dollars can have Greater Impact

May 3, 2018

We often hear the phrase ‘less is more. We use it in our everyday conversations or perhaps even taken this logic into consideration when making several crucial life decisions. We’ve often found ourselves better able to pay attention to someone who uses fewer words as opposed to someone who uses many. If you think about it, many things hold true when it comes to ‘less is more’ and giving, is no exception to it.

Giving has a way of having more impact when it is in lesser or smaller quantities. You might wonder how could that be? No one expects a nonprofit to benefit much from a small $35 donation. However, time and time again it has been proven that organizations with high retention rates understand the potential in gifts of all sizes – especially small ones – and segment their follow-up accordingly. Think of it like this:

  • When is it easier for you to make a decision to give? When it is $35 dollars a month or when it is a large amount of $5,000 all at once?
  • When is it easier to track the usage of the money you have given? When it is just $35 or when it $5,000?
  • Which is easier and requires less planning on your part? Giving $35 a month or $5,000 all at once?

Giving less has its benefits not only for the donor, but also for the organization. For example,

  • Spending can be better targeted when it is a smaller amount of money.
  • Accountability is a lot more accurate and clear with little or no margin for rotation of funds when the amount received is small.
  • Smaller donations call for clear-cut planning and targeted utilization that will enable maximum benefits.

Less is more’ also has profound meaning in the life of a child. It has profound impact in the life of one who is unsure if she will ever be able to go to school. It has profound impact in the life of that little child who wonders if his hands will ever get to play with a bat and ball instead of carrying bricks at the kiln. When you choose to give just $35 a month, you are having a profound impact on the life of this little child. All that this child yearns for is someone who would give just this small amount of $35 a month, which goes towards the cost of education, meals, clothing, and shelter and gives them the security they never knew they could receive.

It is true, that large donations do have their own significance in impacting the overall well-being of a child. However, it does not have the personal touch and impact the way a $35 sponsorship does.

Although large donations could be routed towards construction of a school building or purchase of furniture, the amount of $35 a month communicates love and belonging to this child. It conveys to him/her that there is someone who has made the deliberate choice to love him/her and give them the future and security that each child dreams of. It gives them the joy that there is someone who thinks about them, takes time to write to them, share life with them, who is interested in their day to day life and special occasions.

While you as an individual or your company or church could come together to donate a large amount towards various causes, we’d like you to take just a moment to imagine the number of lives that you or your company or church could impact when you choose to give just $35 a month. You don’t just change the needs of that child in poverty; you touch their very life.

So, if you are an individual, a company or a church, and if you are looking for opportunities whereby you could influence vulnerable children at large, we’d like to encourage you to consider making a commitment to donate just a small amount of $35 a month. Sponsorship is the type of donation that goes a long way in impacting not just the child, but his/her society, community and generations to come. You can sponsor a child, give a donation or learn more about a corporate sponsorship here.



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