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April 8, 2018

For many children living in poverty in India, each day is a struggle. Not only are they often malnourished, unable to go to school and at risk for trafficking, abuse and labor, they are also caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. Despite having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, poverty in India is still a significant issue, effecting millions of people as 1 in 5 Indians is poor. 80% of India’s poor live in rural areas and this is exactly where the heart of our sponsorship program works.

One man’s choice to follow Christ, nearly 150 years ago, is all it took to realize the need to spread the love of Christ to India. What began as a village to village evangelism, became India Gospel League in 1948 through the vision of Rev. Devaprasad Stephens. Since then, India Gospel League has planted over 95,000 churches and helped thousands of families and children through ministry. The desire to give Jesus to the neglected masses, particularly to children in need, India Gospel League created Love One More as the child sponsorship off-shoot of the ministry.

Love One More’s sponsorship program started with our President Sam Stephens and his wife, as they took children into their home and off of the streets. What turned into adding one more to their family, transformed into loving and caring for over 350 children. From this, our sponsorship program began and just like Sam and his wife, we never turn a child away. Every child has the opportunity to be a part of Love One More’s programs, sponsored or unsponsored.

When a child becomes a part of the Love One More program they are given the following:

  • Healthcare: when a child is sponsored, we make their health first priority. They are brought to a clinic run by Love One More’s doctors and nurses where the child is medically screened, tested and evaluated for their nutritional status. If needed, a child will be treated for any illnesses or ailments.
  • Nutritional food: children under Love One More’s care are given 3 nutritious meals a day and have access to clean water.
  • A good education: children a part of Love One More get to go to public school every day. In the evening they participate in study centers that supplement public school teaching as it is often lax and unbalanced.
  • Clothing: each child is given a uniform for school along with play clothes and shoes as needed.
  • Preventive care: sponsored and unsponsored children are protected by Love One More. Children in India are vulnerable to trafficking, abuse, child labor and female infanticide.

Our local staff has an accurate understanding of each child’s story and the resources needed to fulfill the promise of childhood to them.

Love One More partners with local communities, civil society, governments, along with local and global supporters, our staff ensures that each child under their care experiences the joy of childhood.

Also, every penny you give will make a difference! We strive to exercise good stewardship at all times by using your gifts wisely and effectively to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ in rural India. We are committed to investing at least 85% of every dollar in kingdom work with only 15% of designated contributions used for overhead expenses.

Love One More is working to make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty in India, will you consider sponsoring a child?

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