Why Give Overseas When Help is Needed Here?

February 28, 2018

Each day, 3,000 Indian children die of hunger. That amounts to well-over one million Indian children per year who die in a world full of food.

These are children whose contributions to society, both broad and personal, will never be known. They suffered, and their lives ended by a problem that can be fixed.

Child hunger is a plague on humankind that can only be defeated by humankind. The problem with addressing an issue this large comes down to one central question – where to begin?

As Americans, we often place our country first. Indeed, there are children here in the United States that likewise need and deserve help, but it would be a shame to disregard the enormity of India’s child-hunger problem simply because there are other things to care about.

Roughly one-third of the world’s malnourished population lives in India. Sadly, a substantial percentage of those starving in India are children. In fact, there would be even more starving children in India if it weren’t for this sad truth: over 30% of newborns die prematurely because their mothers do not have access to proper nutrition. All of this happens in a world that sees 40% of its food go to waste.

Throughout history, there have been times where the most patriotic, noble thing America could do was reach out to others. Ailing nations rely on the support of prospering ones, just as ailing people rely on the kindness of the more fortunate.  While child hunger is not specific to India, there are more malnourished children there than any other country on Earth. Surely this cannot be ignored.

Let’s return to that first question– where to begin? It would seem that the country most affected by a problem is generally the best place to start. Many Indian states are without a proper system to take care of their malnourished children, leaving them with minimal options for food. A developed nation is only truly developed if it seeks the opportunity to strengthen other nations for the good of the international community. To turn a blind eye on children in the epicenter of the hunger crisis is to deny your own country its stature amongst world leaders. World leaders act for the good of the world.

One of the most troubling of all the horrors facing Indian child-starvation is the simplicity of which the problem could be solved. For $0.25 a day, one child could receive the necessary nutrients to escape the pain of hunger. Sponsoring a child, through Love One More has an impact on hungry children in India and on the world. It’s that easy.

If true strength is measured by one’s ability to lift-up the weak, this is a shining moment for Americans to look to the heart of the child hunger crisis and do something that matters. There is no logic behind child suffering, and even less behind complicity.

So what are we asking you to do? Prayerfully consider giving here in America AND overseas. Instead of picking one over the other, let’s decide to create an impact by helping both.

Proverbs 14:31 (NIV)
Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker,
but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

Sources: World Bank, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, Agriculture and malnutrition in India: Food And Nutrition Bulletin.

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