1,000 Children Die Everyday Due To Unsafe Water

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What is Clean Water?

Clean water is water that is free from bacteria and essential for drinking, cooking, and keeping ourselves clean. Access to clean water, taken for granted in many other countries, is a luxury to most people in India. For children, clean water costs them their education and health. Spending hours walking for water takes up precious time that could be spent in school, and the water they get is often dirty and carries diseases that make them sick. 1,000 children die every single day from diarrhoea that is directly related to unsafe water 169 million people do not have access to safe water in India 21% of communicable diseases in India are due to lack of safe water and hygiene 67% of households in India do not have access to sanitation services

Clean Water Changes Lives

When a well is sponsored, we work with local partners to change the lives of families and children. It takes up to 18 months to deem a project as complete. That is, the well reports good health and hygiene outcomes, a maintenance plan is set in place, and villagers are taught best practices. Lives are changed. Families with clean water are happier and healthier. And children are free from worry and can dream a little bigger. See how:

How We Help Children Access Clean Water

We work with local experts and community members to build water wells near our churches in rural villages. Once the water well is built, they are maintained by the church. Read More

Our Goal

Water is essential for not just health and hydration, but also sanitation. Your gift towards a water well will bring clean water to developing nations in South Asia and change the lives of children in need. Access to clean water could spark tremendous economic growth, and children especially will benefit from it. 75 /100 wells Donate Now

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