True Heroes for Children

February 22, 2018

There is a certain romance we attach to the idea of loving those most in need – helping the orphan, the at-risk teen or the young single mom. And to some extent, those romantic images are correct – there really are children in desperate need, and it really is possible for you or me to step forward to help them.

But there’s another side to loving one more, one that I’ve learned the “hard way” for the last number of years.

You see, in addition to loving kids in South Asia, my wife and I also have sought to live out this calling at home through foster care and adoption. We’ve discovered is that love isn’t as simple as $35 per month and a few bedtime prayers. When you’re the one on the frontlines, there is far more involved. When you are the “house parent” or the teacher, the pastor or the counselor – well, the picture is far more complex.

In the lives of the kids we’ve ministered to in our home, we’ve dealt with a whole host of emotional problems, physical ailments, and behavioral challenges. Most of these have been a result of the rough beginnings our kids have experienced – and the long-term impact of abuse, neglect, alcohol in utero and more.

The culture of South Asia is very different than here in the States, but these challenges aren’t. As we partner with Love One More to sponsor children in need, we recognize that the true heroes of the story are those men and women who help shepherd the children’s homes, who become house parents to groups of rowdy boys, who faithfully cook meals to feed growing appetites. They are the women who stay up late at night counseling grieving teen girls, or to the teachers who faithfully prepare lessons for groups of wide-eyed kindergartners.

Having traveled to India and Sri Lanka on multiple occasions to witness the work of Love One More firsthand, I have to say my appreciation keeps growing for those who lead the programs, and who get directly involved in the lives of the kids.

As we sponsor a child from afar, we’re making their work possible. And because of their dedication, sacrifice, and willingness to get involved in the messiness and difficulty of loving kids, amazing things are happening. This is the beauty of partnership – that we get to send a little bit of our love across the world to be extended through the open arms of the true heroes.

Dan Jarvis- India Gospel League Missions Mobilizer and Love One More Sponsor

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