The Power of a Question on Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018

Last week, while grocery shopping to prepare for our annual family Thanksgiving celebration, my ten-year-old daughter asked, “Mom, what are you most thankful for?” As a happy woman in her late thirties with a good job and a happy, healthy family, I replied with a smile, “for everything, baby. What about you?”

She threw me by surprise when she said, “I’m thankful for not being born in another country like India or Africa. Thank goodness we are in America.” She went down a long thank you list about advantages she’s been able to enjoy because she was born in America instead of a poor or third world country. I smoothed her hair and gave her a kiss for thinking of others but what she said about the privileges we are afforded just because we were born in a better part of the world stayed on my mind the whole way home. 

Once home, I was devastated by the information I found about the situation in India. Even in this twenty-first century, high rates of female infanticide is one of many issues in rural India. Although many girls survive the initial battle in their mother’s womb, their lives ahead are not safe. As girls, they are denied a basic education and forced into early marriage as Indian society itself looks at them as liabilities. Girls, some as young as my ten-year-old daughter, have been married off to men the same age as their fathers! Oh the horror.

In poor, rural communities, child marriage is the norm. In worst case scenarios, young girls are forced to sell their body to strangers in order to feed their poor families. The situation for boys is not any better; poverty and hunger rules these rural areas and families force young boys into child labor in mines, hotels, and factories. Girls and boys don’t go to school, and those that do are taught haphazardly without structure or care.

After reading about these poor children, I wanted to do something to make their lives better. That’s when I came across, Love One More and their work in rural villages. Though I was skeptical in the beginning, my colleagues who had already sponsored through Love One More shared the immense joy they experienced by changing the destiny of young boys and girls living in poverty and inspired me to be part of this noble cause.

So, for this Thanksgiving, I am sponsoring a little girl in rural Tamil Nadu for a better education, better life opportunities, and wings to fly to achieve her dreams through Love One More. There are more than 100 young boy and girls awaiting your help. Let us give them their well-deserved miracle this Thanksgiving season. Sponsor a child today!

-Love One More Child Sponsor

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