The Hope for a Better Tomorrow

September 12, 2018

Hope is that anticipation where we believe that something good is coming in the future. One person’s hope may be another person’s reality. When a business man hopes to built his business empire across the globe, a wage worker hopes to just meet his daily needs. A 12 year old girl living in the United States might hope for better grades and performance in her studies, while a girl of her same age in rural India hopes to go to school one day before she turns 18. However varied our goals and ambitions are, one factor keeps us going, hope. Hope enables us to look forward for a better tomorrow even when life tries to pull us down that little bit of hope keeps us going.

Be the hope

For many kids in rural India, Love One More works to create better living conditions and the small donations sent by their beloved donors give the hope to dream big. The immense power each donor of Love One More has in rewriting the life story of innocent kids in rural India not only changes their life for a few years, but for their entire lifetime. Through donations and sponsorships you get to be their ray of hope! This hope encourages them to fight the odds, to overcome the struggles and to believe in the care of God who has spread his love through the sponsors living in far away countries.

“But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

Love One More has been blessed to see the amazing intervention of our Lord through many generous donors, sponsors, volunteers who have turned the life of underprivileged kids in rural India from poverty to plenty. We see that each of them as instruments of our God’s love, who helps to build poor communities, give meals to students in poverty and most importantly give wings to little kids’ dreams by providing them amenities to learn and survive.

But the above all we see hope in the eyes of the children, who are growing in love and care, who are working towards their dreams and how they will be world changers because their life has been transformed by the love of many who decided to give a helping hand for a better tomorrow.

Would you like to be a ray of hope too? Donate or sponsor with Love One More


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