The Effect of Poverty on Education

January 15, 2019

I remember being reprimanded for my behavior and being grounded for a week with no TV. I’m so happy to say that I’ve never had to experience corporal punishment at the hands of my parent or teacher. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for children in India.

A new study has shown that children are more likely to experience corporal punishment in school due to a toxic combination of poverty, poorly-paid teachers with prejudice, and a lack of training on nonviolent discipline. Despite corporal punishment being illegal in schools in India, this new report by Agrasar, shows up to 80% of marginalized children punished by teachers and up to 43% who report being physically beaten.

Such statistics affect children from poorer families the most as parents from low-income families are unable to support their children’s education. Often working long hours, parents don’t have time to help their children with their homework. And failure to submit homework on time is a cause for corporal punishment. Under the immense pressure of having to manage their education in the face of poverty and neglect, most children drop out of school. Once they drop out of school, they are put to work or married to the highest bidder. Any children that they have is once more subjected to the same kind of abuse they themselves experienced when they were young. The cycle begins again. 

School was tedious, there were classes that were boring and teachers that were unfair, but my overall experience was a positive one. Teachers are meant to guide and impart wisdom, and it just breaks all of our hearts, here at Love One More, that children in India don’t get a positive school experience. Hence, we are stepping up to support children in their quest for education. We have several programs aimed at providing children with a holistic education. At our evening study centers, we have staff members and volunteers who help children with their homework. We are striving to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. 

By supporting children in their education, we are helping them stay in school to learn valuable skills that will one day help them live sustainably. You could help us help children by donating to our programs or by sponsoring a child. 

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