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August 23, 2019

To all of our child sponsors… THANK YOU!

There are thousands of children across the country of India that receive loving care because of people like you. It is a blessing witnessing your willingness to open your hearts and sacrifice your time, money, and energy in order to love one more.

Because you have chosen to love one more, you have a special opportunity to impact a child (or more than one child!) in India. Sponsoring a child means you have the ability to establish a real, personal relationship with the children in the Love One More program. Your relationship with him/her is like any other relationship. Conversations, questions and prayers are vitally important!

Again, we want to thank YOU for being faithful in writing, visiting, and giving to your sponsored child. It means the world to your sponsored child that you think of them, pray for them, talk with them, give gifts to them and more.

You have had a HUGE impact on the children in the Love One More program, and we would like to share a little bit of how you have impacted children in need:

In 2019, there have been 92 new sponsors who have decided to love one more.

Our sponsors have collectively donated $25,259 for the Children’s Gospel Clubs, a discipleship program that occurs during the summer months.

Our sponsors have given 1,020 gifts to their sponsored children. Here are the different gifts that our sponsors have given their sponsored children:

You can give your child a tangible gift that expresses your love for them and helps them have fun.

The impact on these children is INCREDIBLE. Thank you again for choosing to love one more. With your help, we can go from loving a child to transforming an entire community.

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