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The Impact of Loving One More

For You

  • The joy of having one more member added to your family
  • Being loved by a child you are helping
  • The knowledge and satisfaction of knowing that you are changing a child’s life
  • An opportunity to write to and visit your child
  • The opportunity to encourage others to love one more

Your Child

  • Love and a sense of belonging
  • The promise of a childhood
  • Education, Nutrition, Health, Security
  • The joy of being able to dream big
  • The opportunity to hold toys rather than tools
  • A chance to give back to another in need as an adult

Why You Matter

YOU matter because all it takes is one person deciding to give $35 a month to invest in a child’s life, creating a ripple effect of impact throughout their lifetime. You create change by breaking the cycle of poverty and preventing a child from being trafficked, forced into labor or killed because of their gender. You will give a child all of their basic needs along with the everlasting gift of a relationship with Christ Jesus.


children prevented from trafficking


children prevented from child labor


children prevented from female infanticide


total children loved and given a normal childhood

"I don’t know what I’d do without my sponsored kids. They have become very dear to my heart over the years. It’s a pleasure to watch them grow up and know I played a part in their lives"

- Love One More sponsor in Ohio


Your Folder of Love

When you make your commitment of $35 a month to love one more child in need, we do what it takes to make sure the relationship between your child and you is as seamless as possible. So, we put together a unique ‘folder of love’ for you – one for each child you choose to love and sponsor.

  • Your ‘Folder of Love’ is specific and unique to each child you love and sponsor
  • Your ‘Folder of Love’ will contain your child’s photograph and his/her complete profile along with his/her family information, education and overall well-being
  • Your unique ‘Folder of Love’ will fill up over time with letters and photos which your child sends to you in response to yours
  • Each Christmas, an annual card will be sent out with an updated photo of your child!

Choose A Child For Me To Love

You’re about to change a child’s future! There are countless children longing to be loved in rural India. Click below and we will choose a child for you.

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