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August 31, 2018

Being able to sponsor or donate to a child living in poverty in India is a huge blessing. It evidently shows that God has chosen you to reach out to someone in need. The impact of your donation however small or big it may be, is more than what you foresee. It builds dreams, it helps to give the opportunity to learn, and it even changes a child’s course of life.

But what does your donation mean for our cause? Take a look below.

Clothes for Children
When a child comes to a Love One More home, they often come with just the clothes on their back which, in some cases, are just tattered rags. For less than the cost of a pair of sneakers, our donors provide this most basic need. Once they start school, they will need school uniforms as well which is covered under a sponsorship or donation for clothing.

Nutritious Meals
We need your help to meet children’s most basic needs. Your donation towards nutritious food provides warm, nutritious meals to families and children who cannot afford even one good meal a day. Many children come to our children’s homes malnourished and underweight. After they are screened for any health conditions, they are immediately given 3 nutritious meals every day, building strong bones and a good immune system.

School Supplies
Most children in rural India do not have access to quality education, let alone the supplies they need for school. At Love One More’s schools, children have access to both. Your donations towards school supplies help provide a young mind with the tools he or she needs to take the fullest advantage of a good Christian education offered by L1M.

Benches and Desks
Love One More builds schools and daycare centers all across rural India. After the cost of the land, building and teacher’s salaries, it is difficult to purchase benches and desks to accommodate all the students. All donations of benches and desks go towards purchasing school furniture to provide a structured, comfortable place for students, who otherwise may not get the chance to learn.

Part of a Community College
When our donors give to our community college fund, they provide furnishings, supply needed equipment, expand facilities and assist with operations of Sharon Community College on the campus of India Gospel League, our parent organization. Our commitment is to provide an affordable opportunity for higher education to students who need it most.

Daycare Center
25% of the world’s poorest people live in India. A day laborer may make only one or two dollars a day…certainly not enough to sustain a family. In many cases, both parents must work to simply sustain a meager existence. As a result, children may be left alone or be required to accompany their parents to the fields since there are no other options for care. By providing operating expenses for a daycare center, our donors and partners offer a safe and loving place for a child to remain while his or her parents are working. The children are fed a nutritious meal, provided with clothing and taught about Jesus while learning to read or write.

Child Sponsorship
As a child sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to change the life of a child forever. You will be personally connected with a child living in one of 22 Love One More children’s homes. They will write to you and pray for you by name. Your child’s care includes: family-style living, Christian house parents, nutritious meals, medical care, an education and more!

Our world is not perfect, neither are our lives but there will always be one person who could use our help to get a day’s meal or to buy a few notebooks. If we are waiting for the right time to donate, that will never come. There will always be a new bag buy or a new restaurant to go or a new TV to own. After fulfilling all our wants and needs there will not be a right time to donate for the people in real need. The time is now.

Donate or sponsor with Love One More today.

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