Creating Safe Spaces
for Children

Preventing sexual abuse and child marriage for
vulnerable children living in rural India

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Our goal is to help 1 million children!

25,814 children helped so far!

India is home to the largest number of sexually abused children in the world. Recent cases of sexual abuse and rape have been on the rise and studies show that in India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes. Sadly due to a general reluctance to talk about the topic, the real number of cases, those that are not reported, could be much higher.

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What does Safe Spaces for Children mean?


We bring awareness and education to children, teens, women and men about the dangers of sexual abuse, child marriage, child labor, and trafficking along with many other issues surrounding children.


We raise up advocacy groups in each village to sustain campaign efforts and provide children who are abused a safe place to go.


We prepare children to speak for themselves if someone touches them inappropriately or if they see something wrong and declare the village safe.

How will we get there?

safe space
15,000 Committed volunteers!
We hope to reach 25,000 volunteers by November!

Our volunteers are men, women, teens and children who are committed to spotting, reporting and helping those who are suspected to be sexually abused. They are also committed to educating those around them about sexual abuse, child marriage and how to help others who may be vulnerable.

Why give to India?


The sexual abuse crisis

India was recently named the most dangerous country in the world for women and girls. Reported cases of crime against women rose by 83% between 2007 and 2016, when there were four cases of rape reported every hour. The best way to help our children avoid such crimes is to work towards prevention. Preventing sexual abuse through education, awareness and advocacy groups provides safe spaces for children living in potentially dangerous situations.


About our work

Love One More is a faith based nonprofit transforming the lives by providing essentials such as an education, immunizations, nutritious meals, a safe place to live and the love of Jesus Christ to children living in poverty all across rural India.

How you can make a difference

Help protect children, prevent abuse and spread love!

1. Pray

We invite you to join others across the United States to pray specifically for our campaign efforts and for vulnerable children living in India who are not yet protected from exploitation.

2. Spread Awareness

Be an integral part of our campaign and help us build momentum by becoming an advocate! Follow God's call to seek justice for the poor and afflicted by sharing our campaign with family, friends, your church and even online!

3. Donate

Bring lasting change to our Safe Spaces for Children campaign by donating. Every dollar used goes to bring even more education and awareness to remote villages in India.

Donate Now

‘Love One More’ would love to have you partner with us for whatever time-frame best suits you. Therefore, we give you the liberty to choose the time-period for which you would like to partner with us in making a difference in the lives of children in need.

Safe Spaces for Children

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