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September 26, 2018

Putting your love into action can be hard. Sometimes a simple act of love can feel like it automatically goes unseen or unnoticed. Once you realize the amount of happiness you bring into the life of poor children with your contribution through Love One More, it is natural that you would want to share this joy with your friends and family. Trust us, putting your love into actions makes a BIG difference and your efforts go farther than you think.

After all what is love and joy if it is not shared?

There are a variety of ways to share your love, and we put together a few ideas on how to share your experience of Love One More with your friends. Put your love into action through these 3 effortless ways:

  • Host a tournament to raise money playing in a basketball/ soccer/ football tournament for Love One More

Organize a fun sports tournament and play with your family, friends or coworkers!

Whatever amount of money you collect will help save the lives of children living in poverty. Also, encourage your family and friends by sharing your story of hope by helping a child in need. Playing sports with a purpose to help lives across the world always makes the game more exciting.

  • Spread the goodness of Love One More through social media

Social media plays an integral part in spreading hope, love and joy to others. When you make a donation or see something interesting about Love One More make sure you share it on social media, allowing your friends to see and be part of this noble initiative. Sharing positive posts on social media go a long way, igniting hope in others who may need something to brighten their day and give inspiration on how they can help too!

  • Charity dinner

We often host or attend barbecues and dinners once a month with our colleagues or friends so why not do it for a good cause? Next time you plan a pot luck or barbecue, advocate the love of God! Invite friends over, get dressed up and serve them a delicious dinner for a small price. You can also sell delicious dinners, or even baked goods with the proceeds going to help children living in poverty. Let the marveling beauty of love you have seen in the innocent smile of poor children lighten yours and your friends’ evening. Let us not forget to use this opportunity to declare the glory of God!

“Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.” – Psalms 96:3

Through these small gestures let us help to bring the Lord’s glory on the earth and spread it among the lengths and breadths of the world. After all, sharing love with others not only makes them feel good, but us too! Our love tanks are instantly filled up and that makes us happier and healthier! The work to help children living in poverty cannot be done alone, it has to be done together.

To spread your love further and into the lives of children living in South Asia, sponsor a child today! You not only change their life, but you change their world forever bringing them hope, an education, the love of Jesus and more! Sponsor here.

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