National Girl Child Day

January 24, 2019

Today is ‘National Girl Child Day’ in India.  It is an important day to reflect on the state of the girls and women, raise awareness and advocate for their rights.  Commemorating it as ‘National Girl Child Day’ also serves as a personal reminder to why we do what we do in our work with women and girls.  The formative years of an individuals’ life have a tremendous bearing on the rest of his or her life. In fact, the trajectory of their life is largely determined by their childhood experiences and input.

Unfortunately, our girls in India, particularly in the rural areas are fed less and worked more. Most girls are school dropouts and child brides. Girls are sold, enslaved and objectified. Girls are murdered inside and outside the womb because they are girls.  Girls are raped and survivors of incest. Girls are a liability, and a dowry is their one and only ticket to the future. Girls must be girls, only to be seen and never heard.   Silence is their honor and shame is their defence. These words seem harsh but so is the reality of girls in India today.

Despite unprecedented progress and development, the plight of women and girls in India remains pathetic.  Still restrained and suppressed by a patriarchal culture, nearly half the population remains in the shadows relegated to mere existence.  Their untapped potential remains hidden.  These girls finally grow up to be women who remain disempowered and disenfranchised.

This harsh narrative has to change and we are changing it one little girl at a time. By providing opportunities for education and skills development, by training and equipping them with life and leadership skills to combat victimization, girls in our program are receiving holistic care that helps them redefine their identity and value. Love One More is not just another child sponsorship program, it is a redemptive effort in Jesus name, to reclaim the life of every girl child to live and love as God intended; in His image and for His purpose. 

The task at hand is great but so too is our God who is able and faithful.  Thank you for strengthening our hands and lifting us up in prayer as we battle on the frontlines.  This day counts because the possibility exists that another girl, another hundred girls or more, can find hope and freedom in Jesus’ name if we choose to Love One More. Learn more about our programs today! You can also sponsor a girl child here.


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