Children Bear the Burden of Poverty

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Micro-Credit Loans Change Everything

Child marriage is extremely prevalent in South Asia, and many young wives end up in loveless marriages. As husbands struggle to put food on the table and often end up throwing their money away on alcohol, violence toward many wives becomes an outlet for these men. And since young girls never get the chance to finish their education, they feel helpless to do anything but cook, clean, and bear children.

Our Women's Transformation Groups are aimed to help women and young girls break out of this cycle of helplessness, poverty, and abuse. After 6 months of learning and training, and business plan in hand, women can apply for a micro-credit loan. Once accepted, they can jumpstart their lives. Here's how they can do it:

Skills Training
Married girls who had to give up their schooling are given the opportunity to learn and hone vocational skills to operate a small business

Stay in School
Children of mothers with a steady income are less likely to be pressured into marriage and child labor. This in turn, allows children to pursue their education - especially girls!

Business Education
Young married women are taught the essential business theories so that they can support their children and break free from poverty

Brighter Future
When mothers have the chance to support the family, children are not stressed by the burdens of poverty. Children can be children and dream a little bigger

How We Help Relieve the Burden of Poverty on Children

As part of a strategic plan to empower the women of South Asia, our a six-month program for women living in rural India, Women's Transformation Groups, teach women money-making skills, banking, accounting and auditing.
Women from the villages are encouraged to make a living, and even start their own businesses, with the various skills that they know. WTGs also work with women in regards to farming, teaching them how to earn income from the produce as well as support their children.

What You Can Do

Women and children bear the heaviest burden of poverty. We believe that by helping women, we help their children too. Once women are finished with the WTG program, they are encouraged to begin their own businesses! But before they can begin, they need some capital. With a business proposal and references in hand, women can apply for a small, interest-free loan (we call them micro-credit loans).
That's where you come in. You can give a woman a loan and thereby give her, and her children, the opportunity to rise out of poverty and domestic violence.
But it doesn't stop there! Each loan is recycled once it has been repaid and then given to the next loan applicant! One loan changes the lives of countless women and their children.

We are looking to raise enough money to help 4000 women. Here's how we're doing so far:

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