Loving Healthy Kids In A Developing Village

November 28, 2017

Working with children always requires that we get down to the child’s level. This holds true when disciplining, teaching, encouraging or even just playing with them.  Why is this so important? Experts believe that getting down to the child’s level effectively communicates your undivided attention to the child and helps us to understand their perspective, right where they’re at.

Research has revealed that children respond better, connect better and communicate better to someone who is at their level. Over time, experts have affirmed that children, when dealt with at their level, feel more secure. We believe this is especially important and meaningful, because this is just how God Himself reached out to us. He did not merely reach out to us as a mighty, powerful God. He knew that we’d understand His love for us better if He became one among us. So, He sent his Son Jesus to meet us at our level. He came down to earth so we could connect and communicate with Him better.

At Love One More, we understand this well, and have translated it into the way we reach out to children in need at our areas of work. We do it at their level. We reach out to them through people who share their context – who are at their level – geographically, ethnically, socially, etc. Love One More reaches out to the children in India through the hands of its local staff who share the ground realities with these children. Each of our local staffs has an accurate understanding of each child’s unique context. They are able to get right down into the unique situation of each child and understand their experience through their eyes.

All the children in Love One More’s child sponsorship program have been better able to connect and communicate with our local staff due to this reason. Our local staffs have a keen knowledge of each child’s needs and are able to tap the appropriate resources to meet the same. Not only does an indigenous approach help in connecting better with the children, but it also helps children understand what it is to serve one’s own community.

Love One More’s indigenous work not only ensures that each child’s needs are met in their context through the local resources, but it also inculcates in the child a healthy ideology of giving back to one’s own community. Over the years, children have witnessed first-hand, the commitment and dedication of the local staff and have been inspired to serve their community when they grow up. Our indigenous approach teaches our children that any community can be transformed when its own people rise up to bring the change they long to see.

We invite you to walk alongside with us in our mission to raise ideologically and socially healthy children who understand and utilize the power in their hands to transform their community. You can sponsor a child through Love One More’s child sponsorship program and influence their lives and encourage them to be the change they wish to see.

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