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May 19, 2020

The lockdown put in place by the Indian government required all the children in our care to return home to their parents and/or guardians. However, this places a huge burden on the child’s family. Generally, children come into our care because their family is not able to care for them properly. With the added burden of the inability to work due to COVID-19, families in rural India are suffering. We see this as an issue, and we want to help. But how?

We decided to love one more… family! As it says in John 13:34, “…As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” God calls us to abundantly love others. Right now, we see a clear direction that loving one more also means loving the families of children in our care. We are committed to giving whole families the food, care, and love they need to live.

Bearing the burdens of these children and families means that we have a greater need than ever before. Will you prayerfully consider giving towards our children in crisis fund, in order to provide for the needs of children and families in rural India?

The generosity of our partners and sponsors allow us the opportunity to love one more child. It is because of people like you, who pray for the children and who give towards supporting the children in our care, that we are able to love one more.

Read a story about one of the children in our care, whose family received help from Love One More:

Kaviya is currently in 4th grade. Her father Kaaliyappan and mother Poovayee are daily laborers. She also has two brothers and one sister. Her sister Angel is in sixth grade and brother Elumalai is in fifth grade. These three kids are at the Blessing Children’s home. This family belongs to a nomadic tribe and they do not have a permanent residence to call their home. During the lockdown, the government housed this family in the local at the local government school. Although they had a place to stay, they did not have any food. Because the children are students at Blessing Home, L1M was able to reach out to this family and provide for their needs. They are very happy for the timely help. They expressed their heartfelt love to L1M for their support.

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