Joy to the World, Repeat the Sounding Joy!

December 22, 2018

Joy to the world, now we sing // Let the angel voices ring! Christmas is right around the corner, you can faintly hear bells ringing in your head. Children are singing and dancing in the streets. All the shops and houses are decorated with twinkling ornaments and lights. The spirit of Christmas is in the air!

During Christmas, we are reminded of the constant joy that breathes life into our everyday world. It is the unconditional feeling of the season, rooted in the birth of Jesus Christ. In the midst of a world full of uncertainty and pain, Christmas rushes in with the promise of joy in spite of our ever-shifting circumstances.

The joy found during Christmastime is capable of lighting up the world – regardless of where we are, it is the light in the darkness, bringing hope to all corners of the world for tomorrow. With this joy, we share His joy with the world around us.

You have the ability to take the joy of Christmas and spread it across the world through your words and actions. By sponsoring a child, you are sharing His joy with children who need it most. And joy is contagious! With your act of encouragement, words of kindness, and love from your gift, you could start a chain reaction that reaches across continents.

You can spread joy by sponsoring a child of giving a gift through general donations.

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