Jothika’s Dream For A Better And Brighter Tomorrow

December 10, 2017

“I have to live like Jesus to change the world.”

From living for just the day with nothing to look forward to nor the hope of a tomorrow, Jothika, now has big dreams for a better and brighter tomorrow – not just for herself but for the world.

One would wonder what could have possibly happened to 11-year-old Jothika that transformed her life from hopelessness to one with a vision to change the world.

Jothika is an Indian name which means light/flame, and wonderfully so, this is exactly what happened to her.

Jothika comes from a family where both parents toiled long and hard each day on the fields. The income earned from their hard labor did not suffice to make ends meet, let alone providing Jothika with good education. Jothika’s parents desired a good Christian education for their daughter. They each had many desires that were brutally snuffed out by the harsh realities of life.

Jothika’s parents who gave her a name which meant light, also wanted her to know Jesus, the Light of the World and they sought the help of Love One More’s Sharon Home for their daughter where she could learn more about Jesus and become like Him. With this, everything changed.

It has been six years since Jothika moved into the children’s home, and her life is now filled with opportunities she wouldn’t have even otherwise dreamed of. Her favorite part of the day is spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word early in the morning with her friends. Jothika also feels blessed to communicate through written letters with her sponsors in the U.S.

From being one who had nothing to look forward to, at just 11 years of age, Jothika already has big aspirations for her future. She has drawn inspiration from watching her own teacher serve her and her classmates. She realized that one of the best ways to change the world is to impact its children.

“I am so impressed to become a teacher by looking at our teacher Jasmine, she is patient enough to handle all students and clears all doubts,” Jothika said.

One day she hopes to become a teacher and light up the lives of underprivileged children just like her.
Jothika still has several years of schooling ahead to earn her degree and begin working as a teacher. But we love her big vision to follow Jesus’ footsteps, by being the light on the hill and changing the world – one child at a time!

Love One More has been the light at the end of the tunnel for many who were hurting in their dark and hard realities of life. L1M has been instrumental in showing each one in their care the way to the Light of World. You too can partner and light up the life of a child as well! Learn more about child sponsorship here.

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