How to Not Waste $35 on Gift Cards this Christmas

December 18, 2018

A $35 dollar gift card to AMC, Walmart, or Starbucks maybe isn’t the most unwanted gift but a giving (or receiving) a gift card certainly doesn’t feel like there’s been a lot of thought going into it. A gift card is nice but definitely something not-so-special.

Okay, so maybe in addition to gift cards, you have something else you’ve received on past Christmases which are not-so-special. Maybe been some that you’ve…(shh) re-gifted, re-sold, donated, thrown out, or sitting at the back of your closet gathering dust. No judgement here-we’ve all been on the receiving end of, and have given, and are probably still giving not-so-special gifts.

So how can we be more thoughtful when gift-giving? When we give a gift, we want to show love, appreciation, or maybe even to meet a need. Well, when you sponsor a child or make a donation, that is a gift that will never be thrown away or thrown to the back of the closet. It’s a gift that is not only wanted but also needed. For $35/month, you can ensure that a child is given the love they deserve in addition to nutritious meals, clean water, a home to live in, a wholesome education, and basic medical care. With the gift of sponsorship, you can bring hope, joy, and resources to children in South Asia who need your help.

And maybe instead of that cute puppy calendar, you can make a donation to any one of our programs like clean water. You can help care for children’s safety and health by providing clean and safe water through a water well. 

Give the gift of love and joy today! Let’s all make the choice to gift with intention. There’s nothing more special than giving hope and joy to vulnerable children in need and sharing that feeling with your loved ones. This is a gift that will never be not-so-special.

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