How Does Sponsorship Make A Difference?

January 28, 2018

It can be hard to truly understand how much sponsorship changes the life of a child. The impact that sponsorship has on a child is much more far reaching than what meets our eyes. Once a child is sponsored, their life is changed forever. They are now able to receive a good education, eat 3 healthy meals a day, the chance to bring their family out of poverty and more. On top of that, sponsored children feel loved and cared for. Receiving letters makes them feel special and thought of by their sponsors.  Most importantly, sponsorship allows them to have the time to focus on studies and home work instead of having to cook, fetch water or support the family’s income.

Sponsorship impacts not just the child, but also their entire family. Just knowing that your child’s school tuition is taken care of removes a huge burden off the shoulders of parents who struggle to even provide one proper meal for their child; let alone paying their school fees. Sponsorship gives the child confidence, that they can dream and have their dreams fulfilled too. As for their parents, sponsorship itself could be their dream come true, enabling their child to gain access to quality education and a sure future free from poverty.

In 2013, an investigative study which was conducted by an economics professor at the University of San Francisco regarding the long-range effects of child sponsorship programs showed such encouraging results! More than 10,000 adults in six countries were evaluated who were “sponsored kids” themselves.

The research found that sponsored children were more likely to:

–  complete a university-level education

–  secure white-collar or salaried employment

–  become leaders at their local church

–  become leaders within their community

Our goal at Love One More is to truly lift up children in a way that immeasurably changes their future. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? That being surrounded by loving adults, receiving a solid education, getting proper nutrition and medical care, and being introduced to purposeful life from a young age would make a long-range impact?

Many of our sponsored children have grown up to tell success stories of their own – becoming nurses, business professionals, farmers, and even pastors!

Your connection with a child half-a-world away is an important link to that child’s future. A future filled with hope and opportunity. Just knowing that you love them so much to share your life with them impacts their outlook like nothing else.

Sponsorship may not impact the world the way we’d like it to, when we’d like it to, but sponsorship sure impacts that one life and the generations to follow. Are you willing to be a part of the unfolding story of one more?

Change a life through sponsorship today! 

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