How Can I Make My Sponsorship Personal?

January 15, 2018

When you sponsor a child, you are beginning the exciting journey of not only changing someone else’s life, but your own! From the very first letter, to the opportunity to see your child grow and complete Love One More’s program at 18 years old, you have played a vital role in the child’s growth and success. Some of our sponsors enjoy contributing to children without much personal interaction with them – they are happy to be a silent partner in the child’s future, investing in his or her success. But is it possible to take the idea of sponsorship further than just, well, sponsorship? How do you do that?

Can a sponsorship also involve a relationship?

The answer is, absolutely! In fact, Love One More is structured in such a way as to facilitate easy communication between you and your sponsored children. If you haven’t written to your child yet, our team of translators and administrators is ready to make that possible for you!

Here are a few ideas to make your sponsorship more personal:

  • We’ll help you keep in touch! As a sponsor, whether you decide to write to your child or not, you’ll receive an initial profile of your child, and we will ensure that you get updated photographs and holiday cards throughout the year.
  • Write a letter! You are welcome to write a letter to your sponsored child, and he or she will be encouraged to write back. The process takes many weeks for translation and travel, but letters from sponsors are a great encouragement to the boys and girls in our programs. Sponsors often write about their favorite things, news regarding their families, prayer requests, and various encouragements.
  • Make your letters fun! You can include stickers, personal photos, coloring sheets, or other flat/ lightweight items that you think your sponsored child might enjoy. Our administrative team will be sure to filter out anything that might not be culturally appropriate – but creative touches like this are welcome!
  • Calling or texting children is not currently available. Many of our children’s homes are in rural areas, and many of the kids are not proficient in English. (Although some learn English in school, so you may see a few English words or letters from them along the way!)
  • Visit your sponsored child! Visiting your sponsored child may be possible, depending on the political climate of the area and the availability of resources nearby. We coordinate all our travel to South Asia through India Gospel League, North America. Typically, sponsors who travel to Asia to meet their sponsored kids also get to be a part of vision tours, medical clinics, church trainings, and more. This maximizes your opportunity to not only meet your child, but also to catch a vision for all that God is doing in this fascinating area of the world through Love One More and India Gospel League.

In the end, your child sponsorship can be as personal as you would like it to be! We believe that God has placed every sponsor in each child’s life and is using them to eradicate trafficking, child labor, poverty and more. Your letters, cards and notes to children mean so much to them, you fill them with optimism and hope!

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