Here’s Your Chance to be a HERO!

November 9, 2018

Growing up, we’ve all dreamed of wearing that red cape–of being a hero. If not, we’ve looked up to someone as our hero. It could have been a fictional character, a historical figure or a religious leader.

But what exactly did we see in them that made us love, respect, honor, and even admire them? There are various answers to that question but all those answers say something similar: “They come in all sizes and shapes but mostly when someone is in need.”

So how can you be a hero?

By helping those in need, of course! And what can you do to lend a hand to the ones in need? Love One More shows you a noble way by which you can aid people in real need. Thousands of young kids live in poverty and struggle to get one simple meal a day. Most of them are forced into child labor and are deprived of education due to their turbulent living conditions. The circumstances in which many young girls live are more deplorable when compared to their male counterparts. They are forced into child marriage, sex trafficking, and education is often out of question. It is here, through small donations and contributions from generous men and women around the world that Love One More has been able to create a holistic environment for young boys and girls live, learn, and grow.

These contributions give not only a new life to these kids but also have made the life of these contributors brighter and happier. The number of testimonials by the kids in our Love One More homes has shown how much they admire and respect contributors and donors who have changed their lives forever, their real heroes!

Currently, Love One More is looking for 100 heroes for 100 children who are looking toward a better life and brighter future. In this month of Thanksgiving and gratitude, we welcome you all to be these innocent kids’ heroes!  When you sponsor a child, you turn their poverty into plenty and give them the promise of a childhood in its entirety–food, education, love, and more. Your decision to sponsor will make a difference to those who feel forgotten. Help Love One More help kids and be a hero to children across the world by sponsoring a child today!


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