The Power of Helping Others

March 14, 2018

Many times, the most thoughtful gestures, the ones that remain in our hearts forever, are often the ones done quietly without a reward in mind. Has anyone ever done something truly kind to you without expecting anything in return? We’ve all had moments in our life when we were down, not able to help ourselves and someone stepped in and met our needs in a new way, changing our life forever.

Charlotte, a sponsor with Love One More has experienced this same kind of help and in return, has helped many children because of her kindness and passion to share it with others.

Charlotte’s childhood was anything but ordinary.  Born in Hungary, Charlotte escaped communism as a young girl during World War II in 1957. She lived in a refugee camp for 11 months, then came to the United States where she lived with her aunt and uncle. After moving to America, Charlotte came to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with him all before her 16th birthday. It was by God’s amazing grace that she was protected during her childhood. Impassioned to change the lives of kids across the world because of her own experiences from childhood, Charlotte felt moved to help children. She understands what it is like to go through devastating circumstances because of war, lack of government, and other events that are happening beyond their control.

During a mission emphasis week at her church, Charlotte’s pastor spoke of India Gospel League’s children’s ministry, Love One More and it’s mission to help children in India. Impressed with the holistic nature and Christ-centeredness of the ministry and her passion to help children across the world, Charlotte knew she needed to sponsor a child. In the back of the church there was a table with pictures of children who needed sponsorship and Charlotte sponsored her first child that day. She wrote letters to and from her child, prayed for her every day and felt the connection between her and her sponsored little girl. Since then, Charlotte has sponsored many children over the course of 10 years and currently sponsors four!

“I love every one of the children I have the privilege of sponsoring, I pray for them, I write to them, my hope for them is to grow in God’s grace and become godly men and women who will transform their community and bring many into the Kingdom of God… My prayer is that every one of the children I had the blessing to sponsor can one day gather together around God’s throne rejoicing and praising our great Redeemer.”

Can you think of a time in your life when someone helped you out of the goodness of your heart and your life was changed like Charlotte’s? Where your needs were met and there was nothing you needed to give in return? You have that same power to help others. Just as you have received genuine help, you can give it through sponsorship. You know how much it will mean to those in need, and how it will feel to have their entire life changed. Will you choose to love one more today?

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