Without the knowledge of right and wrong and safe spaces to grow and learn, children are easily taken advantage of. That's why we strive to love and nurture vulnerable children.

Love One More is nurturing and educating children in India. It's a fundamental step in preventing child abuse and exploitation.


With a little love and guidance, children can be free from abuse and exploitation.

When a child walks through our Safe Spaces program, we make sure they know that they feel loved and safe. We provide them with nutritious meals, basic health care, and a wholesome Christian education. This helps children understand that being taken advantage of is not right and helps them break the cycle of poverty and exploitation. 

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With the help of our sponsors, partners, and volunteers, we've helped 45,845 children so far.

15,000 volunteers dedicated to nurturing and educating children

20,845 children helped by our Safe Spaces program

126 daycares, study centers, schools & children homes

But our work is not done

1 child sexually abused every 15 minutes, but most go unreported

14,000,000 children under 14 are employed in child labor

1,000,000 children helped by 2020 is our goal

Let's work together

Donate to our Safe Spaces program, and your gift can
transform the lives of children in India!

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