Field Update: Children in our Children’s Homes!

August 2, 2018

Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors and donors, we are able to help families living in rural India who are not able to take of their children on their own. Love One More offers our children homes to families who cannot provide enough food or a good education to their children due to financial problems or loss of a parent. Children living in our children’s homes are able to have the joy of childhood, learn a good education, receive medical care and more! Read testimonies from two teens who have been in our children’s home for 10 years.


Akila- Rebecca Home, 10th grade

My name is Akila and I am staying at the Love One More Rebecca Home. I am studying 10th grade now. My father Selvarasu and mother Mallika work for daily wages in a private company. I have 2 siblings. My parent’s income is very low so they were not able to provide me good education and care. Therefore they decided to admit me to Love One More. I joined the home when I was in 1st grade. Now I am here for ten years. In the beginning I was lonely and was not mingling with other children in the home, but slowly with the help of our house parent’s care and love I started to mingle and play with others. Now I have many friends here.

After coming to this home I started to read the Bible and also pray for everyone. Moreover, I get to know about Jesus Christ through Children’s Gospel Club and Sunday school. I also started to share about Jesus to my parents. Slowly they have accepted Jesus Christ and now my parents are also attending a church nearby my village. My mother was suffering with stomach pain. I prayed to God for my mother’s recovery. God answered my prayer by reducing my mother’s stomach pain day by day. Therefore my parents are also willing to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my parent’s salvation. I am very happy to stay here at the Rebecca Home. Please continually pray my family and my future.


Samuel – Tabitha Home, 10th grade

My name is Samuel. I am 15 years old and I am studying in 10th grade. My father’s name is Kuppusamy and my mother’s name is Suseela. There was a problem in my family when I was 7 years old. Due to that problem my parents got divorced and I was staying with my father. In that situation my father was unable to give me good care and proper education. My father was struggling to find out a good home for me. Finally my father came to know about the Love One More Tabitha home and then he admitted me here to get good education and care. At the time of joining I was in 2nd grade, now I am in 10th grade. For the past 9 years God protected me and gave me courage to stay and learn many things here.

In the beginning I was not active, always crying and was not able to mingle with other children. But slowly with the help of my house parents and through their care and love I was able to mingle with others and also got active in every area. Moreover I realized that Christ only give eternal life to everyone in this world. I am very interested in participating in all the spiritual programs and activities. This year I am going to write my 10th Board Examination, so please pray for my education. I am interested in being baptized in the future. Last week I had an English test in my school and I got good marks on that test. I was very poor in English, I prayed and prepared well. Now I believe that God helped to me get good marks. Praise God for that. Please pray for my studies and also my spiritual growth.

To learn more about how you can help children living in rural India like Akila and Samuel, click here.


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