Disciple A Child for Only $1 a Year!

July 2, 2018

Children’s Gospel Clubs (CGCs) combines the best of vacation Bible school and Sunday School together, forming a discipleship program that meets weekly for an entire year!

CGCs offer hope in a land plagued by poverty, disease and spiritual darkness. Children who attend a club will not only learn about Jesus, they’ll be encouraged to share Him with their families and friends. This creates a lifelong impact, and can ripple through families and villages. Some of our CGC attendees have even grown up to become church planters within our affiliate organization India Gospel League!

In 2017 we trained more than 80,000 teachers and leaders for our clubs. We even translated the club materials into 11 different languages! And we discipled 870,000 children through 17,400 clubs in some of the most unreached regions on earth! Just $1 is all it takes to give a child in India a whole year of Christian discipleship – this includes not only sharing the gospel message, but also training in theology, Christian living and Bible stories.

This past spring, 965,000 children had the wonderful opportunity to attend 19,300 clubs! Our goal for 2019 is to disciple 1 million children!

Check out the impact of CGCs:

“Before attending the CGC I used to get angry to everyone, but after attending CGC I started to love everyone and making friendship with everyone. CGC helps me to understand my friends and their attitude. Now I love everyone without any partiality and I am living as a good example to everyone. Thank you, and I love CGC.”

– Aarthi, 14

“This is my second year attending CGCs. I like all of the games and songs. After coming to CGC my life has been changed in so many ways. I came to know the importance of obeying my parents. I started obeying them more in my life.”

-Prince, 12

“I felt that there is no one to love and care for me. I felt so unhappy in my life.  After coming to the CGC program I learned about Jesus. And His love for me is very true and Jesus will never leave me or forsake me. Christ is enough for me and I have given my life to Jesus. In the prayer time I was completely healed physically and mentally. And I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and also I have decided to do the work of God in the days to come.”

-Vishwasi, 16


Help send a child to CGCs for one full year for only $1! Give hope and love by donating here.

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