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February 1, 2019

We often take a lot of our day today’s blessings for granted. Waking up to a healthy functioning body, our every meal, clean water and sometimes even a fresh cup of coffee is a big blessing, millions out there do not have.

Imagine being born into poverty, affected by polio that results in disability, being raised by parents who can’t afford your living and education and be left to live your life on the streets. For someone who’s physically unable to function as an average normal person and adapt to normal activities of life is a challenge. It gets even harder when workplaces discriminate you for your challenges, your caste and where you come from.

Do I get to go to school like every other child? Would I get a job? Is marriage even a possibility? The amount of questions a person with such challenges is like an unending cycle.

Irsa chose to beat the odds. He was adopted into Love One More’s home, that creates safe spaces for over 1000 children in South Asia every year, providing food, shelter, education and confidence, his family nor the society could provide. It’s not just a home, it’s an environment where children find family, a sense of belonging, hope for the future and a place where dreams are dreamed.

He finished high school, went through community college and currently works as a radiologic technician performing X-rays and other technical aspects of the job related to radiology. Love One More helped him arrange his marriage and now he’s a happily married man, who earns for his family. Above all, he’s experienced the love of God that’s changed him inside out.

You can get in touch with us at Love One More to help create safe spaces for those like Irsa. It only costs $35 per month to see the dreams of children come to life. Take on this journey with us today.

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