Creating safe spaces for victims of child abuse.

February 15, 2019

What is about a child that makes them particularly vulnerable to abuse of all sorts? What is it about a child that makes them particularly helpless when abused by another? What is it about a child that makes them such easy preys for the greedy predators of all kinds? How does it affect a child when he or she has been abused by another in some way or the other? Have you ever given these questions a thought? And, have you been successful in finding the answers to these?

Children, at the very core of their being, are simple and matter-of-fact. What they see is what they believe. What they don’t see, is just as good as non-existent to them. Everything to them is black and white. Children, by God’s design, believe that trust is a forever phenomenon – something that can never be broken or lost. Finally, children, by nurture, are taught to believe that elders always know best.

Given this circuit which is found in pretty much every child around the globe, children naturally grow believing that they are safe when amidst people they trust. When this is true for them, children grow in a healthy manner and holistically too. But, when this does not hold true for them, that is when their entire world – as tiny as it is – goes crashing down.

The mental health of children gets a ruthless beating when they are abused within trusting quarters (for example: 94.8% of rape cases saw children being raped by someone they knew, not strangers For these children, all the beliefs they hold on to for dear life comes to a screeching halt. All of a sudden, these children have been exposed to the overwhelming shades of grey. They are unable to wrap their heads around the complexity of the trusted individual becoming the abuser. They are unable to comprehend how the very person whom they trusted would protect them always, had suddenly become the one from whom they are desperate to be saved. Abuse, then, really causes a short-circuit within children, affecting their thought process and mental health to an unimaginable extent.

Various studies have shown that children who have been victims of abuse are much more likely to develop serious trust issues because the abuse has completely impaired their belief that trust is a forever phenomenon. These children are likely to develop low self-esteem, anger management issues, episodes of dissociation, they may even resort to self-harm from time to time, they possess a higher risk of developing mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder, eating disorders, dissociative disorders and sometimes even personality disorders and could even become victims of substance abuse.

Given this profound impact that abuse has on the child victim, it is therefore particularly important to ensure that children’s spaces are truly safe for them, no matter where it may be. Children whose homes are no longer their safe spaces need to be sought out and rescued. Love One More has been on a mission to establish and create safe spaces for children. At Love One More, each child’s pain is healed, they are protected and cared for in a way they are able to feel safe again.

Feeling safe is not just an emotion; it goes beyond, controlling their little minds and hearts and impacting everything they say and do!

You can get in touch with us at Love One More to help create safe spaces for each and every child. Let’s give our children a reason to believe that trust can in fact be a forever phenomenon.

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