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What is child sponsorship and how does it work?

As a child sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to change the life of a child forever. You will be personally connected with a child living in one of Love One More’s children’s homes, daycare centers, evening study centers and schools. They will write to you and pray for you by name. Your child’s care includes:

  • family-style living
  • Christian house parents
  • nutritious meals
  • medical care
  • an education
  • and more!

Sponsorship involves a commitment of $35 per month, per child.  You will receive your first “hello” letter from your child within eight to ten weeks after beginning your sponsorship. Each time you write to your child, they will respond with a letter.

How is Love One More designed to improve the lives of sponsored children?

Many children in India grow up without access to basic education, medical care or nutrition. Infant mortality is high (47 deaths/1000, almost 7 times higher than in North America) and many Indian families subsist on less than $2 per day.

Despite these difficult circumstances, thousands of Indian children are finding the love of Jesus and are being blessed by Christian compassion through Love One More’s child sponsorships. Love One More takes a special interest in the welfare (spiritually, physically and economically) of children. Some of the kids in our care are orphans who have lost one or both of their parents, others are in such dire economic circumstances that their parents simply cannot care for them or provide for their basic needs.

In partnership with local churches, Love One More operates 18 children’s homes, 8 Christian schools, and nearly 100 daycare centers and evening study centers throughout India and Sri Lanka. We are constantly relying on God’s provision to care for the needs of the increasing number of children we encounter.

Your generosity to share prayers, gifts and resources in Christ’s name will make a dramatic difference in the lives of these precious children. The child you have agreed to sponsor will be lifted out of poverty and given educational opportunities, medical care, nutritious food, loving care of the Love One More family and most importantly, they learn about Jesus.

How long am I able to sponsor a child?

Most children require support until they have completed basic schooling, which is at age 18.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes! We believe there’s always room to love one more child.

How does L1M work in a community to implement child sponsorship?

Love One More works through indigenous missions and most children in need are enrolled through a local church or a pastor. The children are coming from villages that already have a church plant by Love One More’s affiliate organization, India Gospel League. Once a child is sponsored, families are often encouraged to get involved in another aspect of the ministry, such as Women’s Transformation Groups or Adult Literacy Classes.

How exactly does a sponsored child benefit from my monthly donation?

Your sponsored child will benefit from many things all because of your generous love towards them! Not only will your child be given an education, healthcare and three healthy meals a day, but they have the opportunity to have a childhood, full of joy, learning and laughter. Love One More works closely with each child, teaching them to grow in Christ’s love and follow His will for their life. Many children who complete Love One More’s program end up getting sustainable jobs and are able to provide for themselves and their family.

Do sponsored children receive more help than other children in the same village?

Love One More works to not only impact sponsored children, but also those living in their village as well. All children under Love One More’s care receive the same love, attention, education, healthcare, meals and more. Children who are sponsored will receive letters, love and prayers of their sponsor along with all the other benefits of living under Love One More’s care.

What makes Love One More different from other child sponsorship organizations?

Love One More is a ministry of India Gospel League, which is a gospel-driven, holistic, indigenous ministry. Love One More works amidst local church leadership, volunteers from the local church and a vast network of churches across South Asia, all supporting the children’s ministry efforts. Love One More is bolstered and supported by a larger community of believers in South Asia and partners in the U.S.