Clean Water Transforms Children’s Lives

November 5, 2018

For the 7,000 people living in a village in Maharashtra, their daily commute to the nearest “clean” water source was 3 km (nearly 2 miles). But even their “clean” water well wasn’t clean at all. The water continually made children sick and during the dry summer season, the well would completely dry up. For many in developing countries like India, clean water is a luxury that few have access to.

Sadly, this story is all too common in rural India. In 2012, India’s National Sample Survey Office found that half of rural women traveled between 200 meters (218 yards) and 5 kilometers (3 miles) several times a day to gather their drinking water. The accumulated time women spend on this simple but vital task of gathering water adds up to nearly a month of lost wages over the course of a year.

Because Indian moms have to spend so much time fetching water, they often pull their daughters from school to take up the task. Sadly, this leaves many young girls with minimal education, which only serves to perpetuate the cycle of poverty across rural India.

Thankfully, in 2016 the Lord provided 46 villages, including the one in Maharashtra, with a clean water well right in the middle of town! Now, children with access to clean water won’t be at risk of falling dangerously ill. Moreover, young girls no longer need to spend hours every day fetching water, allowing them the freedom to attend school. Girls who stay in school are less likely to be sold into child marriage.  This combined effect of better health and better opportunity for education contributes to a child’s brighter future, making it more likely for them to survive and break free from poverty.

Your gift will touch the lives of children and transform their lives by bringing clean water to villages in India. One water well costs $1,250, but a gift of any amount will make a difference. Will you consider donating to our clean water project today?

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