A partnership that impacts

Love One More works with a variety of churches to help change children’s lives in South Asia. Let’s partner together and help children in need!

Help children and teens in India complete school

to have a self sustaining life

We're looking for 20 churches to have an impact on children & teens in India!

  • Will your church commit to sponsoring or donating so children and teens can stay in school?
  • Your sponsorship or donation will help them complete school to have a self sustaining life, for the rest of their life! 
  • Sponsorship will keep kids in school and away from labor and crime. 
  • Once they graduate from high school, they will have the opportunity to earn a better paying job. 

Your sponsorship protects kids from:


Many children and teens in India begin working and drop out of school to help their family cover living expenses. Many think they are now old enough to help. After dropping out of school, most teenagers work in hazardous conditions, make minimal money and are exposed to exploitation.


The rise of teenage crime in India has cause for concern. Teens are getting involved in stealing, gang-rape and murder. Growing trends of minors committing heinous crimes come from anger or to fund their lavish lifestyles.

the cycle of Poverty

Children in India often succumb to the cycle of poverty by dropping out of school due to lack of money or to help their family. Without an education, they won’t be able to get a well paying job, which will keep them living in poverty for life. 

What Our Current Sponsors say

“I love every one of the children I have the privilege of sponsoring, I pray for them, I write to them, my hope for them is to grow in God's grace and become godly man and woman who will transform their community and bring many into the Kingdom of God."

Charlotte, Love One More Sponsor

"What I saw in the L1M children’s homes was everything I could have wished for in a child sponsorship program. Solid biblical teaching, creative and thorough education, loving house-parents, a Jesus-centered atmosphere. And PLENTY of smiles to go around."

Dan, Love One More Sponsor

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