Children’s Gospel Clubs: Go Forth with God

June 12, 2020

Every summer, Love One More hosts Children’s Gospel Clubs (CGCs) in India! CGCs are a mix between Vacation Bible School and a yearlong discipleship program. CGCs provide the opportunity for children living in rural India to hear the gospel.

This year, the theme for CGCs is based on John 14:31, “… but I will do what the Father requires of me, so that the world will know that I love the Father. Come, let’s be going.” The CGC kits contain a teacher’s guide, student workbooks, visual aids, and posters. These items were printed in 12 languages and shipped to many regions of India by early January.

Normally Love One More would be done with training and start CGCs in the summer. However during the second week of March 2020, as the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, Love One More’s trainers were gearing up for the leader’s training program. This in-person training was planned for ten locations around India with a goal of training 2,500 leaders. However, after the WHO announced the pandemic, India declared its first three-week nationwide lockdown and plans were amended to adapt to the situation.

During the lockdown, the CGC resource team met online over virtual calls to pray, brainstorm, and gear up for delays. As further lockdowns were announced, the resource team, undeterred by the setback, began orienting the trainers with technology for the leader’s training. Athough this was a new experience for many, the trainers and leaders were able to quickly learn and engage with technology. Despite intermittent internet connections in the rural areas, the trainings were overall a great success. Praise the Lord!

Please lift up the leaders, teachers, and children who will be attending CGCs in prayer. Specific prayer request are as follows:

  • The present challenges will not hinder the ongoing process of conducting CGCs in the villages.
  • As the the lockdown is lifted in areas across the country, materials are being distributed to conduct the CGCs. Pray the teachers and children receive the materials.
  • For the zonal and regional coordinators and local church planters as they coordinate the CGC efforts this year amidst restrictions, constant changes, and uncertainty.
  • For the leaders who received training that they will transmit their learning to the next level of teachers; that many more young people will be trained and equipped as part of their discipleship.
  • For those leaders who are unable to participate in the trainings for various reasons that they will not be discouraged, but will continue to stand firm in their commitment to enrolling and discipling children in their local areas.
  • For the team at Love One More that provides leadership and guidance, for wisdom and dependence on God and to keep in step with the Spirit.

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