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“I have to live like Jesus to change the world.”  – Jothika 11-year-old. Jothika’s parents who gave her a name which meant light, also wanted her to know Jesus, the Light of the World and they sought the help of Love One More’s Sharon Home for their daughter where she could learn more about Jesus and become like Him. With this, everything changed.

“Thank you so much for accepting me as your grandson. I am very happy with this. I thank God for this and I thank you also.” – Jayram, 12 years old. Jayram who lives in Love One More’s Bethel Home recently wrote this response, brimming with joy and gratitude, to his American sponsors, Kermit and Velda, after they asked his permission to refer to him as their “adopted grandchild from India.”

When Prati and I had our first child, we thought we could never love another in the same way. Yet, when our second was born, we discovered that our hearts had been created with more capacity to love than we realized—rather than being “divided,” the love in our hearts multiplied! we thought, “We can’t possibly love other children as much as we love our biological children . . .” But we were wrong again.

Megala and her family were faced with this painful experience when her father was diagnosed with leprosy. Now considered “cursed,” Megala’s father could no longer hold a job that would help him support his family. They had to decide if they want to keep their child despite his inability to adequately provide for her or give her up so she could have a chance for a better life. As they wrestled over the decision, Megala’s parents discovered through a local pastor that Love One More had a children’s home close by.

Helen knew what it was like to see her father work very hard and yet still be unable to sufficiently provide for their family of seven.  However, it was not long after that Helen’s parents seized the opportunity that came their way through Love One More’s children’s home. At the age of 5 years, Helen was enrolled into one of Love One More’s children’s homes so she could receive good education and her parents’ burden could be lightened.

As one among 6 children, Irrusakoundar experienced first-hand what it was like to live in poverty with parents working for daily wages in the field. The income was insufficient to meet the basic needs of their family. Hopelessness struck hard when Irrusakoundar suffered a polio attack in his left leg at a very young age. Nonetheless, Irrusakoundar was one of the fortunate ones whose family benefitted from a Love One More’s Medical Camp, where he was checked and referred to one of Love One More’s Sharon Hospitals for a corrective orthopedic surgery. 

Much like most of the children at Love One More’s Children’s Home, Lakshmanan too was born into a family in poverty. His father Mr. Perumal and mother Mrs. Nagammal, worked for daily wages and could not meet the needs of their family with their meager income. Lakhmanan’s family was further shattered when he suffered polio attack in both legs and became disabled at the age of 5 years.  Although, Lakshmanan’s condition could not be corrected, he and his family experienced hope when they were referred to a Love One More Children’s home by a Pastor, where Lakshmanan was enrolled.

Safe Spaces for Children Campaign

"Through the Love One More Initiative, we have just launched a campaign to create Safe Spaces for Children in 5 Indian States and in over 250 villages over the next 8 months, we are going to create awareness and advocating against child marriages and sexual abuse against children."
Rebecca Stanley
Director, Love One More, Childcare India Gospel League

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