Child Sponsors: The Real Heroes

November 30, 2018

As a child, I’ve have always loved stories with brave men and women who save the day.

Years later, when I learned about Love One More, I decided to sponsor a child in Tamilnadu. The moment I clicked ‘sponsor a child,’ I immediately felt like a hero!  For only $35 a month, I help vulnerable children from a rural Indian village reach for a better future. I just did something that brings a positive difference in the lives of these innocent kids.

Encouraged by that feeling, I decided to make sure to share Love One More with my friends and family. The more I learned about the children and about Love One More, the prouder I became of myself for sponsoring a child. I’ve exchanged birthday cards and Christmas cards with my child, and it’s such a pleasure watching her grow up.

Before Love One More, many of these children suffered the horrendous effects of poverty and the lack of education. They are forced into child labor at the tender age of 8 and 10 to make a living and eat a simple meal. Young girls are physically and sexually abused, and many more are sold into child marriage. I’m so glad that Love One More is constantly helping to prevent these tragedies from happening to children, and even gladder that I am playing a part in it. I feel like a real hero and I realise that the Lord has chosen me as a mere instrument to bring in light and hope to these children. 

-Love One More Child Sponsor

Sponsoring a child is simple! Change a life here.

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