Child Sponsors: The Hope For Joy Around The World

November 30, 2017

The most awaited season is just around the corner! Christmas instills in just about everyone the desire to spread love, irrespective of whether or not they are aware of its significance. It’s that time of the year when everyone breaks away from the routines and demands of their professional lives and go back home to their families. It’s that time of the year when everyone just simply gets together to celebrate!

There are innumerable ways that people choose to celebrate this season of love. Some just keep it small and meet up with their families over a meal. Some others walk down the streets spreading love by giving a meal to the homeless. Still others choose to gift warm wear to the less fortunate. There are those who spread love by sponsoring a meal for all inmates at an orphanage. Then there are those who visit the grave of a loved one wishing they were with them to celebrate this season. No matter how it is celebrated, one thing is sure; everyone looks for some way to connect with another in love.

As we soon begin this season, we at Love One More want to give you an opportunity to celebrate this season by spreading love to another. But the unique thing about this opportunity is that it does not last for just that one day, but goes on to impact generations to come. At Love One More, we invite you to consider celebrating this season by spreading love not just on Christmas day, but we invite you to spread the love beginning with Christmas day!

Why is this an opportunity you must grab? Many children in India do not have the option of ‘celebration’. All they have is the harsh reality of going to bed hungry yet again, the reality of their dreams of education being squashed, the reality of the entire family’s income being spent on alcohol addiction, the reality of all their life’s little savings being spent in treating their loved one’s medical condition. This list could go on and on.

Love One More has over the years witnessed the profound impact that loving one more through sponsoring a child has had. We have witnessed the power of love that has breathed life and hope into the hopelessness of poverty. We want to encourage you to reach out to one who is less fortunate, one who does not even have an option of celebration! We want to encourage you to spread love this Christmas season by making a choice to Love One More. Your decision to love one more who is underprivileged and in the clutches of poverty is sure to be the best gift not only during this season but for their lifetime, even for generations to come.

Sponsoring a child with Love One More is simple! See how you can change a life here. 

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