Breaking News on Child Sexual Abuse in India

February 21, 2018

The recent attacks on children in India have shaken the country, causing the government to put sexual abuse towards children on it’s national agenda. Over the past few weeks, unthinkable actions have happened, making national headlines. Children are no longer safe, putting their well being on the line. Here are only a few out of the many stories of sexual abuse covered by the national press in India:

Crime against children in India increases 11%

India outrage over brutal rape and murder of six-year-old

8 Year old raped by police officer

8 month old baby raped by family member

String of brutal rapes shocks India

Huge spike in rape of children, up by 82% from 2015

The crimes committed towards children are shaking not only the government, but its people to their core. Where can they live so that their children are safe? Who can they turn to for help if they know that their children are at risk? Love One More steps in as a preventative program helping parents and their children learn of the dangers of sexual abuse, trafficking and more. Parents are given the option to have their children live in a children’s home run by Love One More where they will have a safe place to sleep, eat and learn. Sponsored and unsponsored children have access to the help of Love One More programs because we never turn a child away. You can be a part of the preventative programs of Love One More by sponsoring a child! Help us prevent children from becoming victims to child abuse.


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