Child Care Update: Praise & Prayer Points

January 10, 2020

Read our last post to learn more about what Love One More was up to this year in India! The Lord answered many prayers in 2019, and in that there are many things to be grateful for. Join us in prayer, as we continue to pray for Love One More and praise God for what He is doing in India today:

Praise for:

  • God’s help conducting CGCs, leadership training and House Parent training
  • All the new children admitted into the children’s homes
  • The Children’s Wellness Center and the children receiving therapy and care
  • God’s grace, protection, and provision over every child and staff
  • The dedicated team of staff both on the field and in our administrative office who serve in the children’s ministry

Pray for:

  • The children who attended the CGCs for the first time and for the children who attended the leadership training
  • CGC programs, which continue every week throughout the year
  • House Parents and Superintendents to continue to serve faithfully
  • Children in the Love One More Children’s Homes, day care centers, and evening study centers, that they may grow in favor with God in wisdom and stature
  • Much needed rain and additional wells to the homes, as many home face water scarcity

Child Feature!

My name is Hariharan, and I am in fourth grade. I was born into a Hindu family with six other siblings. My father works in a dying workshop for daily wages and my mother stays at home. As my father’s earnings are very low, my parents were unable to care for all seven of us. My parents argued often due to lack of money. This caused an unpleasant environment in our family. All of us were sent to work to make an income. I had to discontinue my studies and work for mere wages. However, I was a minor and my country does not allow child labor. I was caught by a Child Welfare officer in my region, and for my benefit they admitted me to a Love One More Children’s Home. I joined this home when I was in third grade. When I joined the home, I was very homesick and always cried. Even though I had better food, shelter, education and facilities, I badly wanted to go back to my parents. But my House Parents and Superintendent comforted me and took care of me like their own child. Slowly I started to adapt to the situation here and started having fun with my friends at the home. Now I have many friends and I love being here.

I had no knowledge of Jesus Christ, but after coming here, I began to learn about Jesus through our morning devotion and evening prayer. There was also Sunday School classes and Children’s Gospel Club activities, through which Jesus and His love was introduced to me. Gradually I came to know about Jesus through the stories in the Bible. I believe that I am here because of Jesus Christ, who is always good. Now I am regularly reading the Bible and praying every day. I am now well disciplined. I am happy- it is by the grace of God I am provided with all these facilities. I am studying well and my aim is to become a scientist. I love to play guitar and want to learn it. I thank God for providing me this great opportunity through Love One More! Praise God!

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