Celebrating International Women’s Day with Sponsorship!

March 8, 2018

Today Love One More is celebrating International Women’s Day! Today is a day to remember and honor all women across all nations, for all of their achievements regardless of culture, ethnicity, or country.

Throughout history, women and girls have been oppressed. Girls have been beaten, killed, raped and hurt for centuries. One out of every five women has been raped. One out of every four women has been beaten by their partner. Girls have been killed as babies because of their gender. Girls in India have been aborted, raped, unwanted and beaten because of their gender.

When you sponsor a little girl through Love One More, you give her education, food, clothing, healthcare, safety, encouragement, mentors who will build her up and the right to dream of a bright future. You also protect her from female infanticide, trafficking and labor. Children who are sponsored and unsponsored, but under the protection of Love One More, are giving the opportunity to live in on of our children’s homes, preventing them from exploitation and trafficking, the need to work to support their family and the option of being killed for their gender. Love One More is working to create solid ground on gender equality for girls in India because they are world changers.

Girls in India are rising to great heights despite the odds stacked against them. Together, we can show them that we believe in them by sponsoring!

Our prayer for girls is that they never give up. That they would be empowered to change their communities, persevere through troubles, rise above obstacles and discrimination, have the determination to reach their full potential and above all, experience a close relationship with Jesus Christ and show His love to everyone they come in contact with.

Give a girl the chance of a bright future through sponsorship. If you already sponsor a girl, write her a letter today, letting her know you believe in her, are praying for her and know that she will change the world.

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