Story of Change: Lakshmanan’s Unshakable Faith

December 15, 2017

Nothing can hold back a joyful and grateful heart from experiencing the fulfillment of God’s plans and purposes in life. Lakshmanan from Salem is a living testimony to this truth.

Much like most of the children at Love One More’s Children’s Home, Lakshmanan too was born into a family in poverty. His father Mr. Perumal and mother Mrs. Nagammal, worked for daily wages and could not meet the needs of their family with their meager income. Lakhmanan’s family was further shattered when he suffered polio attack in both legs and became disabled at the age of 5 years.  Although, Lakshmanan’s condition could not be corrected, he and his family experienced hope when they were referred to a Love One More Children’s home by a Pastor, where Lakshmanan was enrolled.

As a young boy studying 1st grade, Lakshmanan left his family to join Love One More’s family at one of their Children’s Home. This transition was not an easy one for little Lakshmanan, however, he slowly adapted to his new environment. Born into a Hindu family, Lakshmanan’s exposure to activities like prayer, Sunday classes and Sunday service were the first of its kind to him. Gradually he learned about Jesus through daily devotions, Children Gospel Clubs and Sunday classes. The stories and songs he learned created a curiosity in him to know more about Jesus. Lakshmanan and his friends loved to act like Bible characters and loved to play games together. Much like anyone who has tasted the transforming love of Christ, Lakshmanan’s joy could not be contained and he shared the gospel with his family. Although his family was not willing to open their hearts to Christ, they did not restrict Lakshmanan from growing in the Christian faith.

Lakshmanan’s family was happy that their son had the opportunity to go to school and was very thrilled that he was good at his studies.  Lakshmanan was a brilliant student! His feelings of dejection because of his disability soon blossomed into an unshakeable confidence which moved him to believe that he was only differently-abled and not disabled. The motivation, encouragement and care provided by Love One More’s Children’s home played a pivotal role in bringing about this paradigm shift. As he grew, Lakshmanan’s desired to become a government officer to grow stronger. He put all his hard work to study well. During his teens, Lakshmanan fully committed his life to Christ.

Lakshmanan completed the 12th grade with good grades which made him eligible to join an Engineering course. With Love One More’s sponsorship, Lakshmanan pursued Engineering in Computer Science and completed it with flying colors.

It was not much later that God gave Lakshmanan a thirst to serve Him. So, without hesitation he joined as a teacher and house-parent in the Love One More School and Home where he himself had studied and stayed. He was so happy to serve God through educating poor students and also gives special evening coaching sessions for the children in the Love One More Children’s Home.

Lakshmanan did not lose sight of the desire which God placed in his heart of serving the people through a government job. He worked hard for it and attempted qualifying exams for it. God helped him in those preparations and finally Lakshmanan got through the qualifying exam and was appointed as a Deputy Block Development officer. Lakshmanan has been serving God and the needy people in this capacity for the past 5 years.

Eighteen years of Lakshmanan’s life was shaped at Love One More’s Children’s Home. It is his testimony that this drastic change occurred in his life only because of God through Love One More. Lakshmanan is now married and serving people through his job.

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