Story of Change: Irrusakoundar’s Calling To The Medical Field

December 15, 2017

Opportunities, spiritual nurture and discipline were all that was needed to transform Irrusakoundar’s life.  A large family with a tiny income, for most, is the definition of extreme poverty and hopelessness. This truth was no exception to Irrusakoundar’s family.

As one among 6 children, Irrusakoundar experienced first-hand what it was like to live in poverty with parents working for daily wages in the field. The income was insufficient to meet the basic needs of their family. Hopelessness struck hard when Irrusakoundar suffered a polio attack in his left leg at a very young age. Nonetheless, Irrusakoundar was one of the fortunate ones whose family benefitted from a Love One More’s Medical Camp, where he was checked and referred to one of Love One More’s Sharon Hospitals for a corrective orthopedic surgery. Irrusakoundar and his family saw the light of day when he responded well to the corrective surgery and was able to walk.

This was not the end; it was merely just the light at the end of the tunnel. With this first interaction of Irrusakoundar’s family and Love One More, Irrusakoundar was soon referred to join at a Love One More’s Children’s Home when he was studying 1st grade. His interactions and experiences with Love One More only grew exponentially by moving into the children’s home.

As a young boy from a Hindu family, Irrusakoundar knew nothing about Jesus. His environment was all things new. His interests saw a new horizon. He very much loved the time he spent with his friends in playing games and studying together. He was fond of books. He loved to learn new songs and bible verses. He was ready to accept things and do it in the way he was guided. Irrusakoundar was a blank canvas that was filled with the vibrant interactions and experiences with the Word of God.  Slowly, through Sunday school and other spiritual meetings, he came to know more about Jesus. His joy abounded and he went on to share Jesus with his family. Although they hesitated to accept Jesus because of their community and relatives, Irrusakoundar enjoyed the freedom of following the Christian faith.

Irrusakoundar was a bright student whose introvert characteristics kept him from participating in any events. However, at Love One More’s Children’s Home, not only was he given many opportunities, but he was also motivated to participate in events to exhibit his God-given talents. The discipline and the spiritual nurture which he received at Love One More’s home molded him in to a godly person. Through the spiritual meetings, Children Gospel Club and Sunday classes, Irrusakoundar accepted Jesus as his personal savior when he was in 8th grade.

Irrusakoundar performed well in his studies and went on to complete a diploma course in radiology. He got to work as a radiologist in Love One More’s Sharon Hospital for four years. In all, Love One More had the rich experience of investing in Irrusakoundar’s life for 18 years. Irrusakoundar then received an opportunity to work at a large Private hospital after which he moved on to yet another well established private hospital as a radiologist. Irrusakoundar testifies that it is just God who helped him all through and made him who he is today!

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