Story of Change: Helen’s Journey From Brokenness to Wholeness

December 15, 2017

Hailing from a devout Hindu family of seven – father, mother, an elder brother and three younger sisters – Helen witnessed many challenges, even at a very young age. Helen knew what it was like to see her father work very hard and yet still be unable to sufficiently provide for their family of seven. She witnessed her mother work hard at home in caring for all of them. Helen’s parents wished to provide good education to their children, but the reality of their economic status forced their desire to remain unfulfilled. However, it was not long after that Helen’s parents seized the opportunity that came their way through Love One More’s children’s home. At the age of 5 years, Helen was enrolled into one of Love One More’s children’s homes so she could receive good education and her parents’ burden could be lightened.

Helen’s initiation into her new environment was one full of new practices. Suddenly, her environment was filled with prayers, bible reading, attending church and Sunday school. It was at Love One More’s home that Helen heard about Jesus for the very first time. She received good care in the home and also had the privilege of studying at a nearby India Gospel League School. Helen’s daily routine shifted from just sitting around at home, to daily prayer and devotion, study time, play time with friends, playing badminton, learning new stories and songs through Sunday classes and activities at Children’s Gospel Club.

Just when everything was going well, Helen’s family was faced with overwhelming grief with the death of their father. A fire broke out in their home and his old paper mart was severely damaged, leading her father to commit suicide since his only source of income and all that they ever had was in ruins. With this sudden turn of events, Helen’s mother urged her to discontinue her stay at Love One More’s children’s home and return home to help support the family. It was at this juncture that Helen knew exactly what she wanted for herself and for her family. She wanted Jesus! She wanted a future for her family! And with that, Helen made the choice to continue her stay at Love One More’s home despite her mother’s demand to denounce Christ or her family.

From then on, Helen’s faith grew, and she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord at a youth camp when she was in 9th grade. Her salvation experience and the love of Christ that touched her life, stirred in her the desire to serve Christ for the extension of God’s Kingdom. Helen went on to complete her school education and pursued Theological studies, after which she served at Love One More’s home in the capacity of Assistant Chaplin. In all, Helen spent 22 years of her life at the Love One More home.

Helen currently serves at the India Gospel League Head Office as an Assistant Executive. It was after she spent a few years serving and learning from other ministries, that Helen returned to India Gospel League in response to her calling. Helen has been impacting the lives of many children through her work in translation with the Child Care department and creating assignments for the Children’s Gospel Club. Helen’s firm faith and stand in Christ and her sharing of Christ’s love has been instrumental in her entire family accepting Christ as their personal Savior. Helen firmly believes that what she is today is because of the nurture she received in her early years at Love One More’s children’s home and the exposure she gained through Sunday Class, Children Gospel Club and other spiritual meetings.

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