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What makes Love One More Different

Our History

One man’s choice to follow Christ, nearly 150 years ago, is all it took to realize the need to spread the love of Christ to the masses through word and deed. What began as a village to village evangelism, became India Gospel League in 1948 through the vision of Rev. Devaprasad Stephens. Since then, India Gospel League has been carrying the burden of reaching out to the needy. The desire to give Jesus to the neglected masses, particularly to children in need, India Gospel League created Love One More as the child sponsorship off-shoot of the ministry.

All it takes is $35/month

More than a dollar’s worth of every dollar given to Love One More is used to impact children and families in need, raising them out of poverty giving them hope, love and a new life through Christ Jesus.

We strive to exercise good stewardship at all times by using your gifts wisely and effectively to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ in rural India. In fact, we are committed to investing at least 85% of every dollar in kingdom work with only 15% of designated contributions used to cover overhead expenses.

"Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful."

- 1 Corinthians 4:2

Meet The Team

Rev. Samuel Stephens

An heir to a family of visionaries, Rev. Samuel D. Stephens has carried the mantle of reaching out to the needy since 1988 with the demise of his father Mr. Rajah. His heart for children in need, influenced by his father’s passion and conviction, is spurring on many in India to reach out to the needy and neglected masses.

Rev. Samuel Stephens serves as the President of Love One More as we reach out to children in need by raising awareness, encouraging involvement and support, providing information, raising financial support and securing sponsorship for children in need. Love One More encourages people to realize that there is always room to love one more.

Becky Stanley
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Hannah Murrey
Child Sponsorship Assistant
Caitlin McCallum

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