A Day in the Life of a Child in Rural India

May 22, 2018

She’s up before the sun and walks miles with her mom to bring home pots of water for cooking and drinking. She helps with household chores and sits outside her thatched roof home and watches the activities of those around while helping her mother care for her younger siblings. She dances in the front-yard of her home to the tunes in her head and plays dress-up with the best raggedy dress she could find. Looking through the holes, making even those tears in the fabric seem beautiful. When nighttime comes she watches the busyness of the nearby bus station as hundreds of people return home from schools, colleges and workplaces. She smiles to herself imagining the joy that the routine of going to school would bring her. She goes back home and to her corner wishing she never had to witness her drunk father being violent towards her mother. She hides away hoping to be invisible to him, wishing it could keep her from getting her share of the blows. Her eyes are heavy and she lays to rest before the routine long miles and hours of hard work of the new day begins.

He’s up just as early, as he gets into a van to start his day. Some days he enjoys the sights he sees on the way, some days he’s just too tired and wishes he could’ve slept in a little longer. He quietly observes the busyness along the way; children heading off to school, parents kissing them good bye and rushing off to work. He watches on with wonder and wild imagination of what that would feel like, until the van takes that all too familiar turn into the street where his tiny fingers will toil at the brick kiln, hotel or bangle factory. He spends his whole day there and after a long day of work he’s back on the van to take him home. He’s fed his meal as he’s half asleep and he’s placed on his mat and covered with his sheet. He catches up on as much rest as possible before the routine starts again the following morning.

This is just a glimpse into the life of children in rural India. There are those that suffer abuse each day and there are those that have no assurance of even a single meal. There are those who double up and play the role of a parent to make up for the unexplained absence of their mother who in reality spends days getting drunk and selling herself for as little as a few hundred rupees. Education, a safe home and security for their future, just to name a few, is a distant dream and a sure component of their wildest imaginations.

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