5 Reasons That Hold People Back From Sponsoring a Child

October 24, 2018

What prevents people from sponsoring a child? This is one question our organization has had to pause and ask in order to better understand the reservations you might have when considering child sponsorship. We saw a common theme surrounding reasons not to and we’re here to squash those old child sponsorship stereotypes and help everyone understand how effective modern sponsorship truly is.

1. Too expensive

To sponsor a child with Love One More, it costs $35 a month which is less or about the same price as other organizations that offer child sponsorship. The $35 a month equals out to less than $1.17 a day which is less than a cup of coffee, breakfast sandwich, or soda that most people spend money on everyday without thinking twice. For less than $2 a day, you can be changing the life of a child that lives in poverty with no education, no healthcare and only one meal a day. When you think of it that way, all of a sudden that $35 doesn’t seem that much at the end of the day does it?

2. I don’t know if the money will actually go to the child

At Love One More, We strive to exercise good stewardship at all times by using your gifts wisely and effectively to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ in rural India. We are committed to investing at least 85% of every dollar in kingdom work with only 15% of designated contributions used for overhead expenses. That means for every $1 you give, $0.85 of it goes directly to your sponsored child! We strive to make the most of each $35 that is given out of love. We understand each child’s need to be loved and each donor’s desire to see change in a child’s life. This is what shapes our organization. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at our breakdown of how the $35 is used: https://love1more.org/about-us/

3. I don’t know if the money will actually help the child

Every dollar given to Love One More is used to impact children and families in need, raising them out of poverty giving them hope, love and a new life through Christ Jesus. Each dollar received provides each child in our program with access to education, nutritious meals, healthcare, water and sanitation along with a sustainable livelihood for the family to ensure the sustained well-being of the child. You will be able to write to your child and ask how their life has been changed because of sponsorship- there is no better proof than hearing it right from the child you have impacted!

4. I don’t want to commit to have to cancel

We understand that unexpected circumstances in life come up that can affect other areas of life including giving. If for any reason you need to cancel your sponsorship, we ensure that your child will not be placed back in poverty because of it. Because of many other generous donors, we are able to cover your child’s sponsorship until they are able to find another sponsor and we do our best to explain to your child why you had to stop sponsoring.

5. There’s enough children in the U.S. who need help

We have heard this argument often and agree that children in the U.S., as well as children around the world deserve to feel safe. While there are many government programs and organizations in the United States to help children living in America, Love One More’s mission to help children specifically in South Asia. We work with the most vulnerable children in the world who face harsh issues like child labor, rampant child sexual abuse, child marriage and more. These children also have little to no assistance from the government or local programs allowing them to rely on no one for help or hope. Above all else, we choose to help children in South Asia simply because it is the right thing to do. If an organization does not step in to help, many children end up suffering their entire lives in ways that they can be assisted. Of course, all children across the entire world are in our prayers as there is much work to do to help and we will not stop helping until each child in South Asia has a joyful and fulfilling childhood.

So if you’ve ever thought of sponsoring a child in the past, now is the time to act. Now is the time to show your love to a child with so much potential.  You’re not just providing an education, healthcare and a warm meal, you’re pulling up the roots of poverty and changing not just one child’s life, but an entire generation of children to come after your sponsored child. Will you be a hero today? Sponsor a child here.

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